It’s been a busy year so far.

I entered the NYCMidnight Short Story Challenge which began in January. It consists of three rounds: in the first round, I was given a genre, character, and setting prompt, and had a week to write a 2,500 word story; in the second round, it’s a 2,000 word story in 72 hours, and the third round is a 1,500 word story in just 24 hours.

My first round assignment was horror genre with a substitute teacher and a surprise party. To my delight, my story, “I Haven’t Forgotten” placed fourth in my heat and have advanced on to the second round. I don’t know if it’s going to be published as part of the contest, so I don’t have a link for it yet.

My second round assignment was a comedy with a rookie police officer and a running race. I am very pleased with how “Sebastian the Safety Squirrel” came out. I’ll have the results of the round in early May.

Also in early May, I will be attending my first ever writing conference. I am very excited about it, not to mention completely stressing about what I’m going to wear.

In preparation for the conference, I have been working very hard at getting BAD RIVER to my Beta readers and making the needed changes.

Time to get back to work! I’ll see you all again sometime in May.

Author: Allison Walters Luther

I'm a busy mother of three who fancies herself a writer, speaks in profanities more often than not, and just wants to sit and day dream about things no one else would understand. A staunch liberal and ardent atheist, when I grow up I want to be someone who doesn't care what other people think.

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