How would you describe yourself?

There’s been a discussion on Twitter recently about the differences in how female characters are written by male and female writers. Yesterday (or the day before), women were asked to describe themselves in a way that a male writer would and it was really quite enlightening.

Then came this: “How would you describe yourself, women writers, if you were writing yourself as a character?” (from Maria Dahvana Headley, who I adore)

Here’s the thread. You should read it. It’s very powerful to see how women view themselves when looking through a writer’s lens.

And here is mine. I’m actually quite proud of it.

Her most uttered phrase was “I’m sorry,” born from a lifetime of depression and hand-me-down self-abasement. She loved fiercely, desperately, seeking outside for what she could not find within. Then, at the age of 42, she found her anger…and stopped apologizing for who she was.

Author: Allison Walters Luther

I'm a busy mother of three who fancies herself a writer, speaks in profanities more often than not, and just wants to sit and day dream about things no one else would understand. A staunch liberal and ardent atheist, when I grow up I want to be someone who doesn't care what other people think.

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