My Stories & Where You Can Read Them

Works Published in 2020:

When May Came, a flash fiction piece of around 1000 words, published by Flash Fiction Magazine. In it, teenager June discovers the horrific truth of her eccentric family.

Works Published in 2018:

Burning Daya flash piece of 123 words, was submitted as part of Cauldron Anthology’s flash contest at the beginning of 2018, and appears on page 14 of Issue 4: Season. Their website can be finicky and requires Flash, but they publish a lot of lovely stuff.

The Aftera flash fiction piece of 977 words, has been published by Chantwood Magazine in Issue 13. In a dystopian world where modern technology no longer exists, Lella must deal with the repercussions after a crash of a forbidden truck claims the life of her girlfriend, Izbet.

Works Published in 2017:

The Kalip Womana short story of 2,851 words, published by The Cauldron Anthology in their second issue, which had the theme ‘sphinx’. The Kalip Woman spends her days sitting outside the big stone house by the great river, answering the questions of anyone who seeks her wisdom. When a stranger with no questions visits, she begins to question her purpose, eventually remembering who (and what) she truly is.

Genesisa short story of 2,190 words, published by Twisted Sister Lit Mag. This is one of my favorite pieces, edited by Kat Howard. After an apocalypse leaves Annie as the sole-survivor in her town (and maybe the world), she struggles to find food and prepare for the coming winter. Told from the perspective that she is speaking to her dead(?) lover, she begins to hallucinate and becomes more paranoid as she wonders if she is truly alone after all. The style of this piece was inspired by Maria Dahvana Headley’s short story And the Winners Will Be Swept Out to Seaalthough she is much more talented than I am.

Works Published in 2016: 

Widow’s Walk, a flash fiction of 790 words, was selected for narration in the Bibliophone 1000 Words Heard contest. Read by Suzie Althens, Widow’s Walk shows us Margie, an older woman living in an island community, as she thinks back to a lost love after learning that her disabled husband is dying. Widow’s Walk also received an Honorable Mention in the Wow! Women on Writing’s Winter 2016 Flash Fiction Contest (not published).

The Waitress, a short story of 2,145 words, placed in the Top 12 of the Channillo 2016 Short Story Contest. Channillo is a subscription site. The Waitress is a snapshot of a late night diner, it’s customers, and the thread that connects them all: their waitress.

The Touch, a micro-fiction piece of just 66 words, was chosen for the inaugural issue (Issue 1) of Speculative 66, a new on-line literary magazine. It was published in both digital and audio formats and is very cool. It would take more words to explain the story than are actually in the story, so you should just go read it. Edited to add: The link works weird for this one. You’ll need to look at the past issues for Issue One. That’s the one I’m in.

The Cicatrix, a short story of 1,498 words, received 4th Place in the Short Fiction Break/The Write Practice 5th Anniversary Writing Contest. In The Cicatrix, Lori grows up under the shadow of her mother’s mental illness, turning to her favorite tree and it’s cicatrix for comfort.

Best Wishes, Melinda Rissmann, a flash fiction of 737 words, was awarded a Runners Up distinction in the Wow! Women on Writing’s Spring 2016 Flash Fiction Contest. In Best Wishes, Melinda Rissmann, a famous author sees her ex-husband at a book signing and finally obtains closure.

Works Published in 2015:

Swinging, a flash fiction of 545 words, was awarded a Runners Up distinction in the Wow! Women on Writing’s Summer 2015 Flash Fiction contest and was my first published work. In Swinging,  a grieving mother reminisces about her daughter.

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